Politics And Prison

Politicians. a strange
breed,make and mar
the nation they rule.

Few of them, exceptions
turn the land into a haven
of peace and prosperity.

Most loot and rob in speed
empty the exchequer
tear and tarnish the nation,

Spouses fattened by
power and money, raise
a family with no morals

Unbridled grows the
man’s avarice, reigns
with unlimited power.

Little they realize.
at the drunken state.
nothing is permanent.

That which jacked them
to heights pulls them down
to unexpected depths.

Wherever it be,India
or Malaysia,the hands
of justice strike with a force.

Condemned to jail
the man stays in
ignominy. His plunder
lies safe in the lockers.

revelation leads to prison.
Ignominious. The path
of greed seals the
ride to honour.