The Family Opposite.

There being a family on the opposite 

all very lively and loving on sight

The father being the commanding

while the mother doing all work with no backing

The eldest one always up to pranks

the second one being   very frank

The little one being so tiny

clings to the mother closely

The family have lived here for ages

not moving to any other place  in stages



They become active in the mid morning

walking over my hedges  to my back yard dancing

for the fruits that grow there  in abundance

they being juicy and lascivious

while the father, mother and the younger ones

go through the hedges making no  noise  even once

the eldest takes a different route  entire

that of hanging  on to to the telephone wire

swinging this way and that way as he moves ahead

as I look with fear  and awe   over the  tread

with all the family around me chatting

they being the kin of man in the offing

the monkey family in  all images (87)its best







There Goes All The offs

The write off

the take off

and the cut off

takes place

on and off

that might be a spent over

might be a tide over

might als  be a fall over

they do take place

with a speed  unknown

all in a creed  best known

going out in a  fast track

for what it is speeding

why is it getting accelerated

with that we settle down

leaving it to  the outcome to the factor

that knows  very well as how to

write off without a mess

take off without a hurdle

and cut images (86)off without  a stumble


Persuading The Almighty.

The believers In God

 call themselves atheist 

with the faith and trust

with the unflinching courage

they work toward s a goal

hoping to achieve the target

whatever be the means

for they believe in the Almighty

who would let down them.


Being a positive source

with a phenomenal strength

the thought that God would save you

however you might be

be corrupt, greedy and dishonest

shows a perception cheap and lowly

that be not the God’s way

as he sees through all your designs

ruminating through your deceit .


The staunch believers think  vehemently

that they are above every one

cause God is by their side

since they pray to him

with fervour and ardently

every morning and evening

more so before going to bed

with the visit o the holy shrines

frequently seeking assistance from God.


Being a position funny

the Omniscient sitting far away

smiles at the  believers’plans

those who  clamber for short cuts

crying and sobbing in the event

persuading the great master download (28)

pleading to him to give them

wealth and power to the brim

prosperity and victory to the full

thus goes the world

bribing God to give more and more.






The Foxy Old Man.

It is a ruse straight

a game being played safe

with an intermediary

playing tricky  and pretty dirty

being an old man

with a walk and bend

talking sweetly and pleasant

but actually a fox in the go

overwhelming stealthily

the one that showed the prospects

desiring to out beat him smartly

framing a strategy

that  worked out  to an extent

finally got busted in the mid way

causing a disenchantment

while the foxy old man stood exposed.images (85)