Preferences In The Way

The desire to go out
that being a compulsion  throughout
be it a neccessity or not ina close
getting out of the house
turns an obsession all throughout.

This be the thought of many
the deisre being not funny
catches itself like a fire
sets in a glow without tire
a firm outlook in a way.

A few feel not so
preferring to sit at home
settled in the comfort zone
enabling a procure with a  phone
a strange phenomenon in the fray.

They being quiet and calm
taking life in its form
seeking the solace at home
getting things done without a roam
a curious being seen less in the routine.

The preferences go with the individual
that being so in every ritual
be it in shopping download (22)or entertainment
presenting an attachment or detachment
claiming a distraction without a stray.


Fractions In Task

Fractions go to heights

with the way being tight

the proper fractions  seem good

with the numerator being less

and the denominator rising high

along with improper ones

where the top number is greater

and the bottom is smaller

with the mixed  tones

feeling the top being heavy

boggle the child’s mind

as well as the adult’s brain

revealing a   fun

that be good for those

with a mathematical inclination

but be a task severe

for the one with  numerical aversion

being a necessity for calculation

the mastering takes place with a determination

it being a science required greatly

for the understanding of life’s need

bordering on the material  wealth

that form the fundamental of maths-fractions living

as noted without money in hand

the survival would go in a disband

becoming a mockery of sort

leading to penury  in short







The Arrangement.

Trash it is they say

 Spam it is they cry 

 Junk it is they fold 

Rubbish it is they throw

Foul it is they shout

 Fraud it is they scream

Well, that being the world

where all things get  shrouded 

taking the cue from  it straight

getting into the middle  right

destroying the peace

that be the fabulous  fees 

 one has to pay  to close.images (61)









The Early Morn

The early morning sun
not too hot nor too bold
rises up in the sky  4211153475_4aff189cf0s
shedding a lively prism
that of joy and fresh
lending cheer with a hush
the new day dawns.

With the sun in angles
ascending from the sea in triangles
might also rise from the hills
as many versions go with it in the bill
the day opens out in a  flight
causing an extreme delight
that goes with its merry sojourn.

The morn sees a series of acts in turn
one of rushing out with a concern
going to schools  and work spots
with a precipitated hurry
carrying loads of books on back
and loads of ideas in track
moving in a frenzied mood.

The gay of the morn turns morose
as the duties evoke a force
a terrible schedule on the anvil
had to be executed with or without will
unable to enjoy the liveliness
we stray away into the sordidness
losing the essence of joie de vivre.


Reading – Wisdom

A reading done  with attention

goes to give knowledge  fine

releasing a lovely shine

as the face lights  up  externally

so does the mind internally

with the gain in wisdom

man errs seldom

knowing what and when  to do

keeping away from what not to do

that being an enlightenment great

secured images (60) out  of reading in a rate.