The Investigation

Going by the investigation

which is a  determination

as who is wrong  fully

and who is right  extensively

there being an apparent material

exposing the wrong-doer

yet the culprit gets clothed

by wearing a close-knit garb

camouflaging his misbehaviour

not by the act  of justification

but by extending money

thereby  he is extricated

while the righteous stands puzzled

these be the practice of investigation

concealing the hideous

and exposing the generous.

The means and methods do confuse

Well, to live in this world

one  needsimages to have a stoicism  all the more.



The Two Faces.

The exteriors speak volumes

The interiors sing voluminously.

The interaction goes so

with the inflow and outflow

exchanging as they come and go

This be not for anything material

but very much found in the mortals

that have two faces in the show

one to the exterior in the place

and the other to the interior  in chase

as that being what is shown  colourfully

has a fir in the interior generally

while most do have such two expositions

few do not show such exhibitions

being very straight and focused

having a single face all throughout

talking straight to the face

and go about fast not in phases

that is the interlocking one sees

both materially and ephemerallyimages (100)


Frailty Thy name Is Woman

Frailty thy  name is woman

says Shakespeare  with a relevance

Is there any frailty in a woman?

quoth I with also a relevance

as I find from my experience

very much minor compared to the bard

that woman is by far  the most consistent

having no shortcomings in the follow

never once do they change

nor do they succumb to weakness

What made the great Man to say so?

I ponder and wonder

that  be the version of the bard

spoken out of his personal experience

Yes, anyone be him big or small

goes by his  thought and feeling

that be the outcome of his  jaunt .