Mother sheds tears 

pierced  by theimages (64) scathing jeers 

her children becoming  fierce.


Pain Is Abstract.

Pain is  always abstract 

but to me they are intact

the crucial pain in the knee

has robbed my glee

making me desperate

wanting to separate

the knee from my body physical

though it remains inimical

hard to not feel the startle

as it in a way crackles

there evolving a sound

when you walk around

a sudden wriggle and  twist

lends a  struggle and tryst

forcing a  frown

with a paintumble-down

managing the fall

getting up in all

finding not the reason

why people say in all season

that pain is abstract

which is not in fact.








The Negotiations.

The impressions proving  credible

with the credentials almost good

the appointment granted

there goes a talk about salaries

negotiating  for days together

the receiver demanding higher

while the giver settling  for lesser

the endless deal goes on forever

finally that being known

the need plays a role l

that being for sustenance

and being of   execution

the one scaling down a little

while the other rising  up a bit

so goes on the controversy

arriving on a conclude

with the decision taken

the work goes on straight

making a headway through.images (63)










Lesson From Birds.

Crows and birds used to gather

crowing and cackling in the morn

making the day bright and gay.

Along with the sun rising high

they come out of their nest.

roaming in the early morning sky

with an aim in mind steady

looking for baits in the garden

collecting them all in leisure

storing them for their little ones

getting the most for the day

feeling that would be enough

satisfied and contented they images (62)fly back

never bearing the intention to hoard

that being peculiar to the human race.