A Year New.

Year after year
there be a great tear
setting in for a gear
something in the rear
going without fear
closing the eyes in sheer
opening out when it is near
there happens to be no jeer
as everyone peers
the days dawns brightly  queer
shedding of its lag and wear
with revelry on the first day of the year
download (19)

which accumulates an expense dear
and a love exchange very dear.


The Minority Out Of The Game.

The year has begun

with lot of fun

partying  and cheering in all sides

none wish to  go by an abide

the day has dawned in some parts

it has fallen in certain other areas

a year full of actions  would be there

so twelve months fly  in no time

with the dawn of another year.

that be the schedule all through the ages

that be the movement in process

yet revelry takes the upswing

with people losing their basics

shouting and roaming in streets

bringing the sky down

an experience that we undergo

a feeling that brings

yet have to put up with them

as the majority like it to be so

well, being a minority

has its own difficulties

this be one of them yeara nausea








The Gift Of The Colonial rule.

Harping on this particular day

I am almost  in the center of the play

as the trend all the way

calls for a celebration  in the sway

I, unable to get along in the fray

pull back from the gay

that goes along with the day

which was not found  before in my country

but came into force with the British

coming into my land with a wish

and an intention to do trade

they did great transactions

took control of the land in course

left after much effort and struggle

by my countrymen and leaders

with a bag full of riches

a plunder so  to say

leaving behind a practice

alien to this ancient  country

that being an expression of  joy

with a pomp and splendour

not known to my  people

who  lived an austere life

adhering to  rituals and rites

chanting mantras and slokas

a tradition going beyond the ages

now getting decimated by unwanted extremes

that of ostentation  exhibiting a glare.rule_britannia_india_cartoon







The Day That Is Always.

An eventful life it had always been

with incidents great and small

that which everyone experiences

he may be simple or great

being high  or low

happening to be wealthy or not so

acquiring power or remaining powerless

the day passes on with actions

that be of importance to each one

bringing him happiness or sadness

well, that is how we have to go

taking every day as a new one

attributing no speciality for the new year dawn.

Keeping on saying the same thing ,

“Happy New Year”

year after year with a cheer

signifies an amazement all the more

that be the tradition we are steeped

hard to come out  in clear sequence

portraying nothing of great consequence.quote-there-is-only-one-day-left-always-starting-over-it-is-given-to-us-at-dawn-and-taken-away-from-us-jean-paul-sartre-162945



The Day Breaks

The day breaks  with sounds great

 crackers add to the cheer

 flying up in the sky

 making a blast and a noise huge

heralding a brand New Year.


The year is  supposed to bring

innumerable joy and thrive

proposing a prosperity and drive

that be the expectations of all

as hope is the thing that makes up all.


Expecting so much from the download (18)new-born

stretching  too much from the nascent

being a great strain to the little one

yet  we get in the stream

enforcing  much part of our dream.


The year is another leaf

a new shoot from an old tree

performing as its predecessors

nothing more and nothing less

a simple equation indeed.


Taking that much in consideration

anticipating nothing more in suggestions

a plain acceptance of  this day as normal

helps us play a safe game

that of caution and restraint.