Dark Be The Mind

Groping in the dark

he went round the corner

faltering now and then

knowing not what do

he went ahead  with difficulty.


Holding a stick in hand

with it  making noise

he crossed the place

being a night mare

he got ahead with difficulty.


Had to have a light in hand

that would leave him in peace

taking him in the dark

negotiating through the curves

he had to move past with difficulty.


Take it in mind ,Man

the light being literacy

that would enable a thrive

passing through the strife

making you to  move fast and facile.


Stressing over and over

the importance of education

that many neglect wantonly

might be a negligence due to struggle

everyone should know to read and write

that be the motto of this song inMalala-Yousafzai-quotes-2 special














Anonymous He

The writing bears a stamp

that which tells of the author

be he a poet or a dramatist

there would be seen a style

that would reveal the person

anonymous he might be

his words show him clear

as he lives and breathes there

with the soul on it.


The identity getting on the stage

the theme scales up a

as the perception gives out

the person who has written

with his ideas being clothed

not with words alone

but with the thoughts

that carry a significance

revealing a reference.


The outlook being that of the writer

who wishes not to come upfront

remaining in the hind

he  pours his emotions in paper

very well backed  and packed in a language

as the mastery over the letters

remains the foremost skill

that go to make wonders

commanding esteem and  repute .anonymous




My Friend.

Pulling down the curtain

 with a wistful turn

 headed towards my bed

 as I wanted to shed

 the pent-up feelings I accumulated

 all through the day in a stimulate

falling on my  loving pillow

which surely would follow

what all I share  with tears and joy

a silent receptacle akin to a toy

comes with me all in a way

I speaking to it  in gay

hearing what all I say

letting out no whimper

but lying as I kept it

quietlypillow leftovers listening to my ramble

smiling to itself at my rattle

she being the companion of me for long

now as I am worn out and tired

she too looks thin  but has to abide

being faithful and sincere  till now

would continue to be so  as I know

as she could not go out all by herself

until I throw her as waste into the shelf

that I would not do

as it is hard to find one so  nice too.


How Do You Shine?

The gaze at the sun

with the curiosity in the run

wanting to know what fun

it is to shine all through

without a pause and fault in true

while I coil and withdraw

when there be a flaw

complaining of tiredness great

proposing a rest in rate

that be with most of us

yet you remain without fuss

shining not with mediocre

but with high decor

over the earth in spirit

images (72)never-failing in a beat

Well, I want to know really

how you shine so lovely

all these years with energy

showing formidable synergy.