The Caramel Custard

Eating the custard

 with fruits and nuts on it

 gives   lip smacking  taste

with the icy dessert melting

flowing into the mouth gently

getting into the throat  with a chill

giving a feeling of happiness

that goes with the cheer

making the face bloom with mirth

theerby intoxicating the mind and belly

not in the usual way  of dizziness

not in the manner of   random mood

but with the lovely gesture

with that of great appreciation

and a greater mirth all in a (25)





Living Near The Beach

being alongside the beach

with the waves roaring near

the wind striking your face

with a salty gush

while your hair starts flying

the dress takes its swing

walking on the sand

with the feet getting into the land

there be a feel   assuaging

there be a steal defending

one of great content and satisfaction

the other being that of exaltation

an exhilaration that abounds

that be the benefit of living near the sea,images (69)



The Regular Stream

Getting into the stream
is but not one of my dream
getting away from the routine
has been always my fit in
a break from the day-to-day
a fly away from the stay
a sail from the float
a dash from the bloat
has been a venture
that brings an adventure
one of thrill and excitement
that of interest and  enticement
With that in mind
I desire to go away
get out straightaway
from the mad world
as it is seen bold
that be my look out
that be my  wish throughout. 


Attention Crisis

When you pay much attention

there would be no improvement

when you least show interest

there comes a new impetus

that notturn-from-god be in the field of writing alone

found in areas of business too

so much more in relations far more

as they start turning to you

once you turn away from them.


No Further Action

No further Action

keeps me abreast

wondering what it is

is it an action taken

and then calling for no  addition

a phrase highly precocious

with meaning many

giving out no clue

being in itself an enigma

perplexing the whole

with a configuration

not to the mark

propounding a confusion

proposing a not  so relevant

giving not anything out

yet giving something

that takes us unaware

and puts us in a disposition

strange and depressing.nofurtheraction