Being Dark

It is dark 

dark, very dark, pitch dark,

 mind and sky images (97)


The Limitation

Be it me or you

 that might be one of us

going on into the stream

not able to object  politely

not feeling to protest fiercely

a placid  attitude on the go

never to raise the voice be what may

that has been my way,your way

all that matters every body’s way

harmless it might look on the surface

really harmful  it sounds in depth

voicing the opinion then and there

would dispel controversies over there

while nurturing them for long

would lead to a burst  in the run

affecting the health at first

disturbing the relation  nextimages (96)

finally a break beyond redemption.

that would affect





A Bash

A dash   yonder 

doubling  enormous cash in Doublingmoneyorder

ends in crash.



Pass and Pause.

The days go in a hurried  move 

I wonder why they move

if they stay almost so

be not in a steady go

it would be  great in the flow

as the leisure would be there

nothing to hurry and take care

else all would be lovely and  fair

as there would be no passing of the day

with the clock not moving in a way

the sun ascending lethargically  all day

as we slowly munch our break fast

while we sip our tea not in deliberate cast

sitting back leaning on a pillar all the more

with legs drawn straight to the fore

there we relax hearing nature’s song

the orchestra of the birds and insects playing

there we pass and pause with joy

Is that day anything near so as to enjoy?

if that be so close  and so near

I would remain in this land without fear8526e44957b763a76757221a962ee301








Addiction Strenuous.

The eccentricity I possess

 goes with me in writing too .

I write with a passion and force

 I am unaware of its source 

 It is a drive unknown to me also

 as I go on writing from morn to night in gusto 

 posting on my little canvas in the course 

 while my readers  wonder ,of course 

 why I keep on posting in rows 

 might be feeling and smiling  as they browse 

thinking of me as an eccentric  at their doors 

 or as one similar to   a drunkard in a doze

 who drinks with a fervour at no regular chose 

 unable to stop at any time  but be it continuous 

 Well! this is another addiction  being  images (95)little strenuous 


 that possesses me for long 

 know not be it good or bad.