The Violence.

There being a violence

for no cause in a sense

calling for an action intense

as the feelings being dense

the incident raises an uproar

with the people through every door

peep out and see the gore

the blood lying everywhere

looking not very fair

men go up and down

with hands in the gun

creating an unpleasantness

adding to the harness

comes  the vigilance

implying an entrance

through which fresh violence

creeps in from a distance

the cops throw their skill

getting nothing until

the rioteegunres withdraw

announcing a draw

telling everything is a flaw

therein ends the  toll.








The Coins

The coins make noise

clashing against each other

falling down on the ground

rolling into corners

somewhere  hard to collect

somewhat    difficult to trace

the coins go to places too

with the transactions  on the way

buying with the spirit

exchanging  with  the intention

the cost price indicated along

the sale  images (67)price informed also

there goes a barter and a sale

the barter being done earlier

the  sale coming closer

there goes a commercial  spree

with the coins making a clatter

deciding on a charter.





The Relations

It has  become sour and hot

as the tea becomes cold and insipid

relations getting estranged

as the tea   remains distasteful

with money and property

assuming  great proportions

tempers rising high

words turning foul

accusing and alleging  each other

the  one who has the power

the one who  has the key

keeps adamant all through

squandering and  swallowing

the resource and revenue

making the others stand behind

forcing a beseech and a plight

unprecedented and unwanted

he happily enjoying all the  fruit

throwing the skin and the seed

while the rest in restlessness

unable to brook any longer

grab his collars and drag himages (66)im

all around the streets

sealing him in a corner

lest not he would leave nothing

not even the skin and seed

that be the  disaster it portends

that be the dismay it extends.



A Break From the Routine,

The break from the routine 

going with the thoughts fine

makes you glow with shine

being a refreshment in time

showering a well-being  with rhyme

sharpening the analytical

going with a  firm will

the faculties  work wonders

granting an accomplishment  great

that being so and stylish

the break is more than a relish

extending a rejuvenation and liveliness

growing in stature embracing loveliness