Getting Stabbed

Get stabbed on the back
has been from time long back
right from Brutus to the modern politician
there seems a lot not in deviation
that being a stabbing consciously
very much not in front but n back vehemently.

Be not in politics alone I say
it being found in families in a way
with one holding fort and proposing strength
the other getting over  and distracting the strength
demoralise the one who stood all the time
being hoodwinked and let down in no time.

As traditions go there has to be a tolerance in families
where nothing could be hastily executed in release
as in mind there are the children and the reputation
that has to be given priority  in the primary session
with that the precipitation of breaking off gets delayed
and the hurt continues to lurk and linger in the family (31)


The Dark Horse.

The horse being dark
download (30)looking like a dried bark
stood tired and exhausted
by the side of the lane .

The children playing around
went in a merry-go-round
as the horse stood lonely
munching the grass  thoroughly.

It being a race horse once
now thrown away in a bounce
abandoned by its masters now
away in the wilderness under the bough.

Painful to see the dark horse unclaimed
once a stallion of pride  and well deigned
appearing like a haggard on the street
well , that is how men go about the beat.


There Goes The Entertainment

There being an entertainment 

with dance and dinner

with song and drama

all in a frenzied mood

with a chatter and a clatter

the people in gay mood

with smiles all over

dressed in their finery

the ladies with extra care

touch ups here and there

painted heavily with make ups

lipstick, nail polish and mascara

wearing heavy expensive jewellery download (29)

while the men in their best suits

freshly shaven with lotions on

smelling with aroma  from flowers

the food displayed sumptuously

courting many to their delight

a plain menu on the first

added with cuisines from east and west

they too being garnished great

colorfully deigned  and on ornate plates

with the waiters standing in attention

all throwing out an extravaganza

while I see four little eyes

peeping through the hedges

eagerly savouring the dishes

they being not allowed inside

nor permitted to touch

as they belong to a genre

much lower than the participants

not because of their birth

bu t due to their financial status

being poor and needy

that being no fault of theirs.




The Vibrations

The vibrations they say

being positive and negative in a way

found in each place as energy

juxtaposed by forces  in synergy

that are known and unknown

keep the world  without strain.


What are vibrations? I ask

finding the answer is a task

as none knows its full context

as it lies in a region of unbelievable text

keeping people like me to wonder.



Knowing not what are vibrations till date

I sit perplexed over the energies controlling the fate

knowing well that positive and negative be found in science

they being the reflection of reality in   compliance

keeping  the scientists truly on toes.


Nature being a great teacher as I understand

as almost all its features  that  are in the a band

get expressions in science and  technology

there being no better  parallel and analogy

keeping the world in an elevated state.images (89)