The Raymonds And Richmond.

The Raymonds and the Richmond
being like inseparable twins
live in adjacent houses
think and speak likewise
work together in a symmetric
a pair with great work culture.

Both have children,
two boys and a girl,
all of the same age
going to the same school
call it one family in two houses.

The relation being longstanding
the Raymonds and Richmond flourished.
The business grew in leaps and bounds
minted money in speed
all going well until a day.

A misfortune befell unexpectedly
the revenue dwindled to a meagre
been used to affluence
both the families struggled
to make both ends meet.

The deficit will not allow relation to last.
They fought with each other
in moderate for a time
then into blows
ended up in an enmity.

Their firm became bankrupt.
They shifted to places asunder
the children not knowing
what to do ?
finally followed the elders.

Years rolled on
Raymonds and Richmond
made money in other ventures
the children had gone abroad
to earn scholastic degrees.

It so happened that one of the Richmond
fell in love with a Raymonds
not knowing their past
as they had been young
during the days of unity.

The parents had to accept
as their wards were steadfast in love
the families came together
well, that is God’s will
and it turned to be.


Getting Stabbed

Get stabbed on the back
has been from time long back
right from Brutus to the modern politician
there seems a lot not in deviation
that being a stabbing consciously
very much not in front but n back vehemently.

Be not in politics alone I say
it being found in families in a way
with one holding fort and proposing strength
the other getting over  and distracting the strength
demoralise the one who stood all the time
being hoodwinked and let down in no time.

As traditions go there has to be a tolerance in families
where nothing could be hastily executed in release
as in mind there are the children and the reputation
that has to be given priority  in the primary session
with that the precipitation of breaking off gets delayed
and the hurt continues to lurk and linger in the family (31)