The Man And Wife

There be a fight between man and wife

 it had been all through in their life

 the man being in an enviable position

 the woman too behind him in all decision

 never had they spent one night peaceful

quarrelling and making life doleful

with  both of them having  lot of brains

but every time there was a strain

 so they lived for years together

 with  no understanding rather

 One day the shout rose high  

 the wife wrote a letter   and cried

 she went to sleep in her hotel room

 the night predicted a doom

 as the man slipped from the highest floor

fell down dead  before the door

 there came an end to their fight

 while the woman cried the whole night 


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The Mind Garden

The garden  over there  being revamped

with weeds and unwanted plants being pulled

branches overstretched being cut

the garden seemed to acquire  a new look

while new varieties of plants planted  in rows

with a make do fully with a swing  and speed

the garden became a splendour over night.


Being done with great effort  and care

the people around enjoyed every stretch

with flowers sprouting out in gay

with tress fluttering in joy

and the grass glittering bright and green

with hedges neatly designed  and kept beautifulmind's garden

there appeared a gracious  charm all over.


As I went through the garden

carousing every piece of beauty

a thought crossed my mind

which was a little away from the scene

but has to undergo such renovation

as a matter to regain  the liveliness

if not the spirit in whole.


The mind tossed by emotions and pathos

having suffered  terribly by the experiences

being meted out  by the life  all through

having  succumbed to such travails

needs to be rejuvenated and renewed

being  a kind of surgery to repair and redo

with an instinct of love  and care.











Allowing Water To flow.

Fully diluted the drink  becomes  insipid

though it is warm and tepid

the taste is not so loving

as it would have been filling

if let go concentrated.



Diluting anything for a purpose

have to serve many in a suppose

turns the drink absolutely tasteless

giving a  feeling of discard  not less

if that  goes for a crowd.


Be that for a drink on the whole

there to raises a policy  in the roll

that has to  be implemented as such

dissecting it and diluting it  as much

if that has to suit the stance.


As found in policies in general

there we go to the issues in final

where decisions are to be resolute

allowing waters to flow  and dilute

if that has to work not so well.


The salvation lies in reaching the core

never attach to the fore

when the solution has to be tangible

give no room to anything  in a ramble CT  CT met-apple-jiuce-P1-1202 MJW

if the resolution has to find light.







The word great

goes with the people

takes along with the qualities

throws light on works

be it in verse or prose

be it  art or architecture

directing to nature great

claims the feelings

sending in a significance

bringing in an exaltation

enhancing the quality

that being the best

creating wonders

kindling a sensation

and there emanating a cry

exclaiming ‘ Great”

and a sound wow

denoting it be awesome,

wonderful and excellent.





A Step.

The break came so soon 

nstepot expecting it so soon

he stood  amazed for a second

gathering himself up in a second

he went past the place

as if to find a place

he crossed the path

having to find a new path

he strode straight ahead

thinking of the problems ahead

he missed his step

which was a wrong step

not only for that moment.

but all through his movement.