Squirm And Squiggle

The thesis being of population

the limiting of growth of birth

a propaganda for family planning

including  measures deep and private

educating  people to control

the desire and urge with a condition

being delicate  and awkward at times

where  in the lands birth rate  is high

there arises a compulsion  for the government

involving a campaign for decrease in popilation

posting on every wall available on the road

releasing the advertisement of restriction

mostly on every nook and corner

broadcasting on radios  on and off

televising on the shows quite regularly

the propaganda comes  fast

directly to the living rooms

where aged, adults and  children

converge to watch the programs entertaining family-planning1

thereby inducing an embarrassment

among the old and young  in a way

who squirm and squiggle in discomfort

a detail needing  a sensitive approach

being a  dainty  tackle to get organised.





The Myth So Long

The  flash goes bright

blinding the eyes

that of not artificial

but one of natural

coming in the squigglesform of lightning

while the myth goes

lightning powerful

would rob the eyesight

as my mother closed my eyes

during my younger days

a measure to save my eyes

that still lingers  in my memory

forcing me to close the eyelids

as soon as I see a lightning

a habit that dies hard.

Is there any reason to believe so/

I know not what to say so

as the scientists have to answer

this frivolous  question of mine

sounding very trivial and silly

but has a meaning great and  valid.




The Grading.

Grading the pupil’s work

giving A, B, C and D

is like opening the cork

with a tool sharp and bent

that damages the receptacle

breaks the closure altogether

causing a risk for the content

spoiling the quality

scouring over the quantity

igniting the mind to become repulsive

expressing a discontent and hatred

dissuading the pupil from reading

promoting an abhorrence to learning

thus bringing download (24)in illiteracy all over.