A Skid Just Now.

Had a skid just now

with my right leg going apart

the left leg holding firm

the leg going weak pushing   forward

hstriking  over a beautiful  table

which fell down with a bang

resuming  the  balance soon after

I stood aghast looking around

Alas! both my left and right legs

along with the table’s legs

got bruised over the fall

being human I cried with pain

Lo!  the poor table of mine

croaked and fell silent.

That being the stage now

having  injured my wobbling  legs

and having broken the table’s lovely legs

I stay mum groaning in silence

over the pain I incurred

purely  being the fault of mine

resulting out of carelessness

certainly an outcome of the  agitated mind

that has become almost frequent

stumbling and screaming

over nothing  and for (26)



The Day Being Today

The revenue going high
The living rose high
The spending also jacked up.
There being an extravagance on top
Spending and enjoying all the  more
Thinking of that moment in the fore.
Setting aside the thought of day after.
Let it come says he louder
as today is the one that has to be lived
saying that in a mood exalted
he reminded me of the species
that think of the present  in a treatise
living gaily and happily all images (71)throughout.


The Blackbird

There came a black bird

sat on a  huge blue gird

chirping and chattering in glee

seeing an eagle it took a flee

flying past the  huge  ocean

with its mind full of tension

scared of being caught

migrating to a place of hot

hoping the big eagle would not come

so that it could be saved from

the seize of the  daring bird

which came up and sat on the blue gird.



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