That Is Never Told.

Now let this be with you

something that I want to tell ou

no others need know

as it is something  between you and me.


Oh! do not get awed by my secret

as it is something very confidential

let it be within you

no need to divulge it to anyone.



Oh! my friend be very taciturn

never let this out at any cost

as it is between you and me

if told it loses its credibility.


That being what makes a secret

that which holds you in quest

my friend  be very quiet

that be the best reward on the go.


My friend,  keep it within yourself

as you walk people would ask

never open your mouth about this

as it would force you to let this out.


By the way , my friend

I forgot what images (82)I wanted to tell you

I would come back once I get it

till then be sober and sullen.



The Will To Pursue.

The perseverance that counts

it is that which works

nothing would create wonders

but the will to do  really makes out.


This being nothing new on the whole

just a  quality that grows

with a strength  in the deal

time to get across in a heal.


The will to stand upright

whatever might be the outcome

along with the wish to work hard

would bring innumerable advantages.


The perseverance on everything you do

be it studies or research

or be it business and commerce

there you find a validity in your pursuit.


You might wonder at what I am telling

this being the experience in life

an endurance and a focus

that has made me what I am.


It is too late to achieve I felt

but have gained a solace in what I did

I stand assured that I have won

not greatly but to an extent.


This pride Perseverance -1has been with me since my birth

proud of my parentage initially

proud of my qualifications in my student days and after

now proud of what I have won to sustain.