The Exertion And Exhaustion

The physical exertion

makes the body tired

the limbs go aching

the joints cry for rest

the bending and straightening

takes the toll  in a grip tired

with the perspiration huge

the body loses its power

becoming a sordid  waste.



The mind in its full exercise

calls for a rest almost  pressing

as being totally exhausted

with thinking and planning

strategical and provisional

how to get along smooth

and how to execute carefully

that becomes an obsession

taking the life out  to a naught



The Farm

Been in the farm

which was out of form

having layers in form

that have to be cleared from form

needing to establish the form

had to work in full form

without any let out in form

accomplished the redoing  to fullest form

thus restoring the farm

back to its original form

then left the farm

with a  satisfaction in absolute form

that of bringing back to form.






The Wiping Of Tears

The drama which men put up

 not on the stage , I mean

 but in real life , I indicate

 without rehearsals and  demonstrations

 that comes naturally in the flow 

enacted with such speciality in the wing

taking  not much attention to perform

doing it all by the wink of the eye

 tracing the feelings to the full

 crying with feelings and  shedding tearswiping of tears

 breaking down and wiping the eyes

 sobbing and whimpering all the more

exclaiming  with a surprise

 amazing it looks to see them do 

 going by the apparent it is deadly pathetic

 getting into the depth realise a drama

 where there is no truth

being there no place for pathos

 it being all a melodrama  in the go.




The Take Be Yours

The take we have in life

let be our own  and self

not be depended on any other

with a broad spectrum  convincing

that be one of a perception  large

considering the major  proposition

discarding the minor  proportions

framing a distinct program

encompassing the values and intentions

that would take us high up in stride

never mind the rumours and  talks

that go around  settling a set back

be that our goal all through

none could pull us from the status

where we are placed in comfort

seeking peace and contentment.









Back home

Going back home 

after a day’s long roaroam

brought me peace

shadowing me from tease

sheltering me from  sun

ushering in a lot of fun

returning found I

great comfort  in no lie.