The Tax Deviation

The ways and means quoth he

haveimages (78) to be looked into the earnings that be

one of being straight in a way

being less subtle in the fray

that of claiming an honesty

with the lot more sincerity

with that be no dodging  in revenue

converting it into black or white in the venue

putting forth a face that be without  being pungent

calling for an admission that be diligent

he talking about all these in detail

while none paid any heed to his trial

as these days we see an overwhelming put ups

firmly and deceitfully drawn as patch ups

that go to evade taxation that be abnormal

as the governments  levy tax dismal

inducing the traders to go in for double accounting

one cooked up  for the tax accounting

and one another for the real  accounts

That being the common lay out

blaming the trader alone would not work out

as the government should workup the prescription

that had to be compiled with no   deviation

trying to chart out a congenial environment

being healthy and friendly  in averment.








The Hatching Of A Chick

There be on the tree top

lovely  eggs laid  high up

hidden from the monkeys

wrapped in straw with ties

ready to come out from the shell

with the mother sitting over them   without a tell

pushing on warmth over by radiation

sending in an affectionate instruction

perhaps a tete a tete with the  eggs

that would anytime sprout with a gig

the mother being careful and indulgent

wanting to see her little ones  in  diligence

the moment being eagerly awaited

being a birth of the images (77) new one  highly rated

bringing in eternal bliss all around

specially to the mother in the round.








Beck And Call

Always destined to be at beck and call

 that be my life in all

 dancing to the tunes of my spouse

not only in the house

also in the fields we work

that be the  great task if not in dark

where he takes up authority

becoming a master  in no time

controlling me over every thing

that gives me a hectic twinge

having to listen to his commands

as I go through them without any demands

as I am almost a puppet now

nodding my heads for nothing I know

lived in such a status so far

with only a few more years to go for

I remain calm and quiet all through

sitting put images (76)in a place almost glued.




The Break And After.

It being a post  by sea mail

from the coastal town

where she had gone for holiday

with the feel of joy in a way

calling her friends  from abroad

asking  about them without fail

she being away far away

yet wants to be with the crowd all day

calling them and skype-ing them

talking to them  in a mood  gay

that makes me think

why did she fly out for a break

would have been with them in take

than spending huge sum over a holiday

yet  wanting images (75) to be with them all day.