Publicize ,Advertise, Raise

Spreading the content 

tweeting the  titles

sharing the  posts

that being the best

and wonderful way  to publicize

and win readership .


With the prime content

less tweets

with modest sharing

that being the  alternate

and moderate way to advertise

and get innumerable views.



Which be the most optimistic?

That of  publicize  greatly

or one of advertise

Well, what renders most is download (34)

raising a follow up of value

with a validity and interest.











The Feigned Appearance.

Crossing the sword 

can  not be termed as bravery.

Reading books

can  not to be called  as education

Writing for the sake

can  never so to be a poem

The wealth illegal

can never  be affiliated  to patronage .


Bravery goes with reason

and chivalry in the field.

Education gets through

with wisdom and knowledge acquired

Poems retrace the  depth

with words and language sitting pretty.

Wealth lawful takes a step

with charity and philanthropy  in swing.


Feigned  bravery and shallow

education along with hoarding

being found in great volumes nowadays

make one feel they feigned being a trait trendy.

but never could it be a quality ceremonial











The Talking And Non Talking.

Those who not talk

those who live with us

be them the  animals,birds

and reptiles in the go.

know when to eat

and when not to

when to work

and when not to

sleep when to

and when not to

enjoy when to

and when not to

being there the specific time

all in an encompass

that be their routine all the day

never a big change n the  fray

they live happily all through

with their kith and kin

never worried about wealth

nor bothered about power

not concerned about the welfare

nor thinking of their future

the day they live

with that be their mirth

no place for greed and hoard

thee be their immense contentment

a difference remarkable

seen in all the world

that of man the greatest living

and that of non talking brood

which lack reasoningcattle

enough being enough

as we understand greatly

that they are far superior

far more happier

than the man who fights

and quarrels for what not and what else.



To Sleep – I wish.

There is nothing to do to day

I said to myself all gay,

I want to sleep the whole day

never to open my eyes in a way.


Did I do that ? I ask

Not so much in a task

as I get up and sleep over till dusk

my desire hidden in a  mask.


Lying in the bed for little time

then getting up  in some time

going about for short time

back to the bed in no time.


This proved difficult all over

as I went about in a hover

my mind getting out of track all over

rushed in to have a shower.


Not able to fulfill my wish

I moved towards my regular dish

that of working and running  all time

earning little say just a mime








The Lazy sun

There is an overcast

be that of the sky

with the clouds turning dark

seeing no Sun in the fore

birds still nestle in their nests

awaiting the sun rise.


The sun is asleep too

far away in the sky

after all days of shining

pretty lazy to get up

and start his work.


This being the state

the world as whole

has not awakened

as the people are deceived

by the sun and its shine.


There being no activity

with clocks all working perfect

with no sign of dawn

the day advances

yet there is seen no life.

lazy sun