The Talking And Non Talking.

Those who not talk

those who live with us

be them the  animals,birds

and reptiles in the go.

know when to eat

and when not to

when to work

and when not to

sleep when to

and when not to

enjoy when to

and when not to

being there the specific time

all in an encompass

that be their routine all the day

never a big change n the  fray

they live happily all through

with their kith and kin

never worried about wealth

nor bothered about power

not concerned about the welfare

nor thinking of their future

the day they live

with that be their mirth

no place for greed and hoard

thee be their immense contentment

a difference remarkable

seen in all the world

that of man the greatest living

and that of non talking brood

which lack reasoningcattle

enough being enough

as we understand greatly

that they are far superior

far more happier

than the man who fights

and quarrels for what not and what else.


Actions Age Poem

Roaming Aimlessly

90 yearSetting out aimlessly in the street.
saw a man roaming like me.
He was a little over ninety
and was talking and laughing
not with others but to himself.

Stopped a while to listen to him.
seeing that he had an audience in me
started his address gleefully.
“In the year 1920 there was a drought
followed by a famine and people died.”

Saying so he started crying miserably.
Unable to console him and feeling bad terribly
returned home with a heavy heart
The picture of the crying man
kept coming now and then from that day.

Actions Poem

A lady of No Rank

Talking of others was her pastime
getting into details was her life time
elaborating with exaggeration in no time
she made up stories of all time.

She was lady of no lady of no rankrank.
Seeing her would tank
the heart of many to a blank,
Yet she carried on with a crank.

Advancing in age she went about the same
not bothered about her diminishing fame
You would say does she have a name?
I say it is her habit nothing to blame.