Hands Tell A Tale..

In my hands  my little son  found solace

rocking and singing he became calm

that be the beginning of my hands association .


Holding my hands my son got across

with a feeling secure he went about

that be the preliminary take of my hands.


Holding his hands I taught him to write

write did he with figures small and big

that was the secondary level  of the hands of mine.



The hands that moulded him to the perfection

the way he grew up under its protection

that be the third degree connection of my hands.


The time has come for him to move

taking the hands of mine he goes forward

a final  position of my hands with him.


Seeing my hands now I find

they be worn out with wrinkles around

shaky they are fit to end up the  strive.


Well, they were the same hands long back

robust and strong full of life

soft and tender  as a petal.


The hands have told you a story

that of being the tale of every mother

those born before, living now  and going to be images (74) born .









The Trio Ungracious

it is a perusal

compelling one to do something

that he may or may not like to do

gaining  advantage over his plight

overwhelming him to do’

has been the way of two.


He,having fallen a prey to his ways bad

having lost all his worth

now loiters without a penny

totally at the mercy of the two

who hold him by his collar

driving him mad in the journey


They do command without reservation

do this and do that in tone firm

spy over and gather all

spreading  their authority in directions

he being subservient to them

at the same time playing fool too


The trio do lot of mischief in such a way

working up disasters all the day

not understanding mainly the gravity

also with deceit finally being the way out

causing havoc all through without understanding

spoiling the reputation of the family .images (73)








The Distinctive Strains.

The distinctions of the two countries

keep me at the anvil

one being laid back  and clean

the other being buzzing and unclean.


The countries I talk about

being varied in ethnic

all religions stay put and  abound

one with three races in the round.


The languages and dialects in one

becomes countless in the go

with some without alphabets

only going by the talking


The other being a settlement

with one race claiming to be native

the other two coming  for livelihood

having  enriched the land  of occupation.


The ancient land with a heritage

and a beautiful culture

known for its great stature

remains so in the annals .


The second one being a small nation

when held in close  comparison with the other

has a compact land area and population

with fertility being its chosen play.


The ancient land teeming

and bustling with men

holds the pride in technical  front

yet is being locked in corruption.


The same goes with this peninsula

for that matter  the distinctions go amiss

as both countries  are peninsular

being equally corrupt.


The discriminations being dealt so far

being marked in areas of density  and cleanliness

earmark the  validity of the nations 1-3122India and Malaysia

that lie in the Asian continent,