A Tweet And a Song

The frost bites they say 

 The heat kills all day 

 The cold chills  in a way 

 The hot heats always 


Every thing has its own faults

 No thing is perfect

We expect more from each

 Looking beyond the reach.


The shortcomings are everywhere

We have to  stoically  bear

The anticipation being less

we go with no stress.


A small poem on acceptance

asking for  a perception

going by the ups and downs

avoiding a tumble and a fumble.


A verse on the going

that keeps us moving

never should we retreat

whatever might be the (27)


A song that sings sweet

it might be also a tweet’

Go by the righteous  in all ways

that would bring you cheer always.






My Intention

With a withdrawal from the family

as had had an overdose of suffering

finding peace in writing

intending to stay away from the near and dear

if  at all they do nurture love

as in my case the truth

being it is always one way so

as I had had enough of it

a toss ,a fall, a push out

with many an episode not forgotten

subjected to humiliation

subdued by outbursts

maintaining silence

just for the peace

wanting not to break the harmony

had been so long  quiet and sullen

now turning into a solemn Solomon

with the wisdom getting into the brains

decided to shun those  who have caused injury

discard those who have thrown tempers

not wanting to talk to anyone

whatever might be the outcome

remain stoic and strong

as the balance of life  is but very little and short

an enlightenment that has  come at a very late moment

be it fo good or badwithdrawal I really do not know.





That Be The difference.

Deep runs the ocean

shallow goes the river

many rivers do flow deep

yet there be a difference.


The sea being fathomless

with a salt in the foreground

flowing no matter

whether it rains or shines.



The river being solemn

having  tastyimages (79) water running through

overwhelming during rain

drying up at times of summer.


The distinctions are many

these being a very few

marking the main forms

that of great and good.