Perfectly Imperfect.

Turning deaf to criticisms

he walked across the aisle

not lending his ears to the chatter .

Pretending to be blind

he crossed the patio

not casting his eyes at the glare.

Posing to be dumb

he passed the entrance

not opening his mouth  to the flatter.

With his senses all perfect

he proposed an imperfection

moving right away from the banter.deaf__dumb__and_blind_by_marmite_mo-d2bo1bg







The String Of Words

An outflow of words
there  being no meaning
but be it full of notes
pleasing  to the ears
making the heart happy
getting into the depth
there we feel no sense images (99)
as it is a string of words
blowing up too much
nothing pertaining to reality
something bordering on emptiness
yet it reaches many and more
how much it be shallow
that does not bother
but raised to great levels
by the one who uttered
and by the one who heard
that being the easiest way
the facile win all over
called as an interesting conversation
termed as an engaging convention.


A Fortune

The fortune Ivisualize

being not one of wealth

not also of prosperity

that every one wishes

but one of understanding

one of benevolence

that goes with a prowess

with an acumen

one being of skill and tact

a way to live in this world

full of deceit and scandal

relying on power and greed

a tone different and unusual

a texture altogether distinct

believing in skill and knack

that be the way  in particular

that be the  schedule in specific

as of how to live in the strange world.

Is it not a fortune that all long for?images (98)



Motive Behind

His motive being 

seeking and scanning the truth

detects nothing such.



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