One Click

Help those who are  needy

not in a rush but steady 

as they are really ready

being waiting with hope

give them a  long rope

pull them from the slope

whenever you could do

with whatever might in true

as they are under the embrace

almost with the hungry face

taken care by the growing stone of hope

give your hand to those  with hope

try to nurture them with all hope.


This post is in support The Growing Stone of Hope.







The Desire Mounting

Total Contentment BullfrogAny desire is an outcome 

that be of food or shopping

or be of achievement and power

arising out of a need , requirement

or more subtly termed as discontent.


The pressing need overwhelms

the desire punches out extensively

a craving sets in disastrously

a longing lasts deliberately

that cannot be checked at cost.


The food prepared at home

being not to taste and palatable

with no variety and style in the go

the liking to dine out

spurts  up incessantly .


The requirement of things

that be the accessories

or be the provisions

a one time shopping would do

being pervasive and invasive.


The small and tiny purchase

necessitated by the love for buying

prompts a go out  for the sake

that be the habit prone

could do nothing but to rush out.

The satisfaction with what one has

be it food ,power or wealth

the contentment one develops

during the course of life

settles their want and presents no venturing.


As I talk and write now’

I could visualise for sure

many rising their brows

looking daggers at me

calling me an anachronism

an out dated person in the go.


There Be

There be a morn
with no sun
There be a night
with no stars
There be a woman
with no beauty.
There be a man
with no sense
There be a hill
with no trees images (91)
There be a river
with no water
Oh! there is everything around
nothing  being good.
That be the day
when the world
comes to an end.


The Glory

With the morn

there rises the sun  slowly

bringing in glory images (90)


A Disgrace.

Sleeping with the windows all closed

with curtains pulled over   safe and secured

with the air conditioner buzzing

and the fan revolving

the sun rise is never seen being a treat

nor the birds early morning greets

else the breeze that kisses your face

all go without being heard or being traced

knowing not for ever  intensely

how much  of nature’s liveliness

that bid the mind and body

that send significant energy down the system

goes unseen and unfelt

Not being the fault of Nature

very much the practice of human

seeking solace in artificiality

ignoring the natural benefits in a sensation

then go in search of such relaxation

where again the fellow-man makes money

with resorts and spas all over in plenty TLBestof_2010

A disgrace to man  indeed!





The Dawn -Haiku

The day dawns 

 with the chirp and chatter 

from birds near .Backyard_birds_spring_and_summer_2006_134_800x600