Making Of A Son

it being an admonition

a chiding from a mother

a punishment from her

for having performed bad

not once or twice but always

getting poor and poorer in the go

making her to stand before the crowd

where other mothers boast of their sons’ prowess

she being there with a bowed head

and with down cast eyes

tears coming down the cheeks

having to undergo such situations

not being a few but many

she reprimanded herself rather harshly

having borne a child  so bad in studies

he having brains in tons

never into the studies from day one

playful and boisterous

climbing up the trees

when he ought to  do the assignments

she running behind him with a stick

he dodging and getting up

where she could no longer reach

this play had been all through

leaving her helpless and sad

now she is a ta the receiving end

with the school authorities blaming her

a plight wholly pathetic and compassionate

being a mother she has no choice

but owe up for her son’s fault

a precarious situation she be in

a  delinquency she has to face

and face  did she all the while

having made her son a professional

being adorned with laurels and honours

acclaimed by those who derided him

a n impressive  change she had brought into

with a determination and gusto.images (59)

Hail to thee the mother of a son

may your tribe increase.




The World Revolves.

The likes and dislikes

 the appreciation and depreciation

 all there be contradictions

that make life interesting

without them it would become stale

with no events to talk about in detail

as the human race rejoices

with an interactions most

where gossip takes the coast

as nothing and everything comes into force

while something and some other thing

falls back in the  diligent download (21)course

the important ones lag behind

while that is unimportant

comes into the driver’s seat

gearing up for the chase

compelling an exit dishonourable

Well! the world rotates so

revolving round the orbit

with a desire  to insist on uniformity

Lo! it find none as it envisages

it turns out to be a ruthless  controversy

raking up the cinders still red

with a flaming  burning coal

igniting that which have died down

opening up  a fresh disaster all the more.









The Snow.

The white ball

falling heavily without  previous call 

strikes  death knellimages (58)


The fluffy snow

could kill all in  flow

with severe blow.



The Harsh Weather.

It being a season of cold

being called as winter

with temperature falling below zero

and snow pouring in extra

there arises  a stand still

with people not allowed to move

being not  possible to go out

as the freezing cold  is so penetrating

sending  a biting chill and stinging  kill

going into the chest and lungs harshly

causing a breathlessness terrible

and a suffocation untold  greatly

a choke that  creates  a  mild improvisation

that being the vagaries of weather

commanding a despondency and despair

funny it looks and sly it appears images (57)

with all the technology advancement

man could never compete with Nature

nor could he  become immortal.