The Collapse.

The wall collapsed

there being a risky lapse

 pointing to  prwall-collapse-145658238-1791077olapse 



A Block

A  block anywhere

found in heart or  in drain

causes unbearable pain download (20)


There be The Exact Moment.

The thought of living  

the thought of prolonging

 the thought of extending

 the thought of lengthening

the thought of propounding

the thought of  stretching

after few decades say six

leads us to a delicate  fix

where there could be many kicks

accompanied by too many pricks

walking with the  help of the tsick

the mind goes out in a click’

and the memory in a flick

that459053726_640 should ensure a destination

there should be a full stop

there should be a peaceful sleep

that of a disappearance  into the infinity

the right time to get away

the exact moment to pass .










Something Is Missing

A feeling of something missing

be it in life or performance

I really  do not know

keeps me disturbed all the time

lending me a despair and disappointment

that I am unable to overcome

however much I try  hard

and whatever much I do

Why such thoughts come to my mind?

Why  am I so    worked up all the time?

This makes me sad in a way

letting  me in a precarious stay

stumbling through the way

with a sense of insecurity in the sway.

Withdrawing I go into a shell

just smiling to myself

might be the smile is because of

inability and inefficiency

that remains in me

never lets me go into the world

steeped in competition high and dry.images (56)