I Do Write Anything

It is easy to write anything

that comes in your mind

there should be something

directing to a find.


Writing anything under the sun

is but the practice of me

let it be heavy or fun

I fill the pages in a spree.



Might be taxing to some

the anything and everything

on the whole it is awesome

as it revolves round something.


The thought just pops out

then drops out in the posts

writinggushing up with a spurt out

holding the attention of most.


This is what I think

when Iwrite with an impetus

sometimes I do blink

as  it appears  an empty fetus


The concept which I frame

formulate the words I write

my poems be not of fame

but they portray the right.


I write anything that comes to my mind.

Nothing could stop me from penning

I go in search of no greater finds .

I tend always to go about honing.












Living Thus

The household being small

being only two of us in all

that has grown to such size now in a way

after the children  have moved away

there being  calm and composure all throughout

with nothing of a noise both in and out

the guests coming and going in a flow

ever being a floating crowd in the go

entertaining them now and then with  refreshments

that has been our alibi for  years without amendments

being so greatly all the time  altogether

the sudden influx of occupants   rather

mystifies both of us to the core

keeping us baffled all the more

getting adjusted  to the new trend

forces us to lose ourselves in a bend

without showing it out in  full strength

manage the whole affair  in a breadth

that much more not revealed to anyone

kept within our hearts all in one.





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The Inflow And The Outflow

That  which is getting out

is one that came in

whether it be an element

be it a substance real

be t anything physical

more so being abstract.


The happiness that is expressed

comes from a feel of joy experienced

be it a success in a poll

be it an achievement with great toil

be it an announcement  of an event

behind all such events lie the experiences



The sadness that is felt

emanates from the strain one undergoes

be it a failure in examinations

be it a  setback after great effort

be it a news or a situation

on the back we find  the endurance .


Thus being the life in a fold

with that coming in

finding its  way out

with the incapacity to hold

the system insists on a delivery

causing an outbreak more so.