The Creative Grandeur

Let be the creativity

 that embraces the infinity

 be it in verse or music

 it appears a mystic

 be it in art or sculpture 

 it mesemerises the spectator

 that creativity is not found anywhere

it being seen not in an ordinary ware

it being thoroughly exclusive in shine

looking exquisite and fine

the  creation be that of God or man

seen through the glasses of plan

there be a selective design and a uniformity

with the structure in all its dimensional credibility

there we see a great verse with a flow

an enchanting recital with a divine glow

a lovely painting that captures the eye

a beautiful sculpture  that forces a buy.

there lies the heart of creativity

be it in God or man  in all its nativity

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A Trademark

That be Indian

once  being great and distinguished

now  honourably corrupt 

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The Little Insect

The mosquito bites always

stings and sucks the blood

causing a havoc and a mess

found in the tropics and equatorial regions

around the slushy swamps and stagnant water mass

among the dense forests  and fields

they swarm and breed not in hundreds

but in millions  and trillions

stinging the  old and young

a tiny creature and  an insect

casting venom on the population

so huge, massive  and uncountable

who could do nothing to eradicate

while the scientists  claim  with pride

that they  have sent missiles to Moon and Mars

spending hours and days non stop

years and decades  not sleeping

working on that is beyond grasp

yet they catch it and capture it

while they stand desperate

before the tiny little insect

helpless download (32) in a limbo.



The Morning Call

The morning works out for calls

which rolls out like balls78d69f40906679a976dc4d45cebffbe6-morning-call

with the appointments in the follow

and nothing could go through the hollow

each being important and vital

one has to go up by the title

arranging the alibi by importance

and then going by the relevance

there arises a multiplication of prompts

that go with the highest fonts

a great vigilance has to accompany

that should not relax the symphony

likewise the execution has to be underway

stumbling on no obstacle in the pathway

a meticulous effort goes ahead in the program

making the morning a time for instagram





Lemon Juice There

A glass of lemon   juice in the morning

is both enlivening and reviving

added with sugar and a pinch of salt

clears the system from  any fault

giving a fresh look and a grace

removing any fatigue seen in the face

that be the benefit of taking  lemon LemonJuice3juice

does it not sound like a  lovely ruse?