A Jotting

Hardly did I see
mostly I do not notice
rarely I do speak
rightly I missed the chance .

Opportunity knocks at the door
only once they say
it did dash into the portals
I did pay no attention.

The fortunate see thing right
be in the spot at the propitious moment
seize the schedule almost
go across in a successful note.

Those be the lucky ones I thought
and I am the most unlucky I felt
Lo! it is not so in the game
the one who picks first is the winner.

No use lamenting I decide
it is not in me to grab or rush
the patience I bear is crucial
that determines my fortune.

Greatly it is that which holds
the more you cling to it strongly
the most weak you turn out
better leave it at that level.

Calm is the criteria for me
how come I am made so?
I forsake all my legitimate rights
yet I live happily ever after.


The Blackbird

There came a black bird

sat on a  huge blue gird

chirping and chattering in glee

seeing an eagle it took a flee

flying past the  huge  ocean

with its mind full of tension

scared of being caught

migrating to a place of hot

hoping the big eagle would not come

so that it could be saved from

the seize of the  daring bird

which came up and sat on the blue gird.



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Actions thoughts turmoil

A Pinch,A Bite, A Seize.

An  inch given  liberally directs to  a  yard taken forcefully

A slight  relaxation  in principles leads to a violent sweep,

A  little mistake  in calculations brings out a huge lapse,

A  careless slip  in driving renders a ghastly accident,

As always small becomes big while  big assumes a monstrous  sight

So it goes a tiny pinch rolls out a sizeable bite which reinforces an amazing  seize.