Limitations being many 

they being too many

wanting to get ahead is a  tedium

as it brings with it a   delirium

that takes the mind away

creating a chaotic intrusion anyway

they keep boggling the thoughts

not allowing a move of any sort

there be restrictions here

that say it is too hard to cross near

there being a confinement there

that proclaim it is a task to do it with care

as the deviations appear to be  extraordinary

the minds82cf3787a300b36deb873b1fe821e0761f32102cceases it operations   and becomes dreary

releasing a kind of inconvenience and a suffocation

ordained to land in an emptiness  without any provocation.


The Limitation

Be it me or you

 that might be one of us

going on into the stream

not able to object  politely

not feeling to protest fiercely

a placid  attitude on the go

never to raise the voice be what may

that has been my way,your way

all that matters every body’s way

harmless it might look on the surface

really harmful  it sounds in depth

voicing the opinion then and there

would dispel controversies over there

while nurturing them for long

would lead to a burst  in the run

affecting the health at first

disturbing the relation  nextimages (96)

finally a break beyond redemption.

that would affect





The Employee

Limitations you must know
as you are bound by it  in toe
whether you like it or not anyhow
you have to go by it as of now.

Being paid for your services
tells you of your  duties  in prefixes
what to do and what not in suffixes
be your motivation in  appeases.

Jumping beyond your norms
talks ill of your form
gaining the indignation in storm
upsetting the tradition with harm.

The man in topic always
goes in irrelevant pace
releasing an abnormal gaze
converting things hard to face.

He should be restricted at any cost
no matter what his age be at cast
has to be shown his place at last
or else to be thrown out fast.