The Silky Fire

It is early in the morn
a flicker of flame in a seven-storeyed,
sets ablaze ” Chennai Silks.”
The fire picks up from the dock floor,
clambers up the primary, rages for a moment
touches the second.  Climbs swiftly to the top.

The heat is unmanageable.
Firefighters strive in vain.
Swallows up the whole.

It lashes and leaps.
Surges with a violence.  The smoke
suffocates. The structure gives way.

Eleven men on the uppermost floor shriek.
The rescuers save them. The smouldering
fire rebounds. It is scary.
Relentless is the outbreak.The floors crumble. 
The bricks and the plaster melt. 
The charred metal hangs.