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Ants In The Pantry

Ants all over

creep up well over

the smallest ones I find

tinier than a dot in a kind

seen in a swarm

makes me uncalm

I drive them away

it has been every day

the sugar is clouded with ants

next day they are in the pants

the other day in the loft

the grains are powdered soft

put my  grocery out in the sun

they go out to play  for  fun

return the same  evening to my pantry

a trail I undergo in both the countries

one being in the tropical

the other right on the equatorial

regions where insects and reptiles thrive

not in a progression of ones but fives

well, that is the way I am putting up with  the ants

always   bitten by them  while I cry in a rant.Ant-home-invasion


Ants ,Bees And Sparrows.


The small things we see keep us agog.
The ants moving up and down
black ,red and brown
seem to go to a nearby town
perhaps to a place well-known
holds our attention in great tone.

So be the ants in line
come next the swarm of bees
which go round in buzzing tees
sucking the nectar from the trees
moving in circles without a cease
making us watch them as though in a seize.

The buzzing tone gives way to squeaks
with the sparrows tweeting from the creeks
pecking the insects with their beaks
quipping and responding with shrieks
going up and down in a freak
on the whole releasing a scenario sleek.

The ants, bees and sparrows make us watch with awe.
Their movement renders a discipline enormous.
Their purpose releases a gusto tremendous.
Their unity throws a light fastidious.
Their activities let out a spark imperious.
We look small apparently before their grandeur gorgeous