A Curse and After

curse-of-the-werewoman-1-523308-3-s-307x512A curse is in the family
for four generations they say
that of a woman from a distant land
who died a few hundred years ago
know not it is natural,murder
or a suicide anything is possible.

A man who is well versed in craft
and who is a sooth sayer too
does pujas in the place where the woman died
tells them if they retain the land
the family would suffer misery
so the land has to be alienated.

it is a surprise to all
has no mishap has befallen the family
except deaths due to old age
others being simply natural
why this decision to sell
has gained importance?

The need of money is the reason
for that they attribute reasons
that of beyond imagination
a support to their cause
a clever ploy to get the money
have they resorted to such evil ways.