Poetry rejoice steadfast.

The Way Back Home

The long drive home

cross  over rivers

a ride over fly- overs

a stop at  the toll

a halt at junctions

a slow down in traffic

a sweep when free

a pleasure in  a quietude

the thoroughfare on one  end

the  serenity at the other

go I with an insatiable drive

I should be home in an hour

my sweet home beckons with a smile

being away by only a few milesdrive back home

the desire jumps out in strength

the love of home is a treasure

it being a great wealth

inexpressible in its delineation

a fascination that clings to me steadfast

I would be there in no time

makes me rejoice with glee.

ploy. Poetry rejoice rule toy

Thumb Rule

The man dies

the woman cries

the woman dies

the man flies

revelsthumb rule and rejoices

that be the choice

a woman is a toy

used as a ploy

the good and best

hatch in the man’s nest

the bad and worst  ever

is born from a woman  ever

that is the thumb rule

making all of us a fool