greeting Poetry

Vanga, Vanga.

It is a vanga
a welcome word
resounds in my world
echoes with a fluency
pronounced with a buoyancy
a simple word as such
connotes a pleasure much
the guests are honoured
as they are greeted with vanga,vanga
blissful is the experience
grand is the reference.


organic. Poetry

The Yellow Bananas

The bananas in my fruit basket
gleams yellow and gold with a target
they are in such fine shape
held together with a tape
the natural one I mean
with a tinge of green
they lie on my table
not for long as in the fable
one by one they disappear
the number dwindles in an appear
cause being the delicious taste
all organically grown not in haste
as in the fertilised banana groves
not artificially ripened in the troves
those who see put their tongues out
smack the lips up and down in a float
the bananas are a proven delight
keeps all in a fantasy.hill bananas


The Sydney Storm

The Sydney storm
causes harm
the rains lash
floods in a flash
houses washed away
a horriblestorm day.