assignments Poetry

The Months And Their Chosen Path.

April is the month of poetry
so what does May become
could it be a month of songs
and June a month of novels
dramas take July
while August calls for prose
come September it is specifications
that of a horror storytelling
as October could be of mysterious ones
know why Halloween would strike up
while the winter approaches
November with its chill
could be devoted to thrillers
while December rings with Christmas carols
January the advent of the New Year
resonatesmonths with Happy New Year
and February settles in a sober mood
as it could revolve around crimes
marching into March we arrive at the desk
with reviews and recollections of the year gone.

expenditure Poetry thrift.

Tens And Hundreds.

I do not earn anything
leave alone tens or hundreds
but I spend.

I do not save anything
not tens or hundreds
but I spend.

I do not invest
never in tens or hundreds
but I spend.

How could you?
without tens and hundreds spend
you might ask.

I myself do not know
as tens or hundreds do not hold me
I spend in spite.

I am supposed to be thrifty
a person without tens and hundreds.hundreds
Is it not a best joke?


Call Me What You Want.

Call me what you want
as I am daughter
to my parents
a wife to my husband
a sister to my siblings
a mother to my children.

Call me what you want
according to your age
if young call me granny
if an adult address me as aunt
if a little older as sister
anyway, relationshipas you please.

Call me what you want
never call me a wife
as I could be to only one
a relation not to be shared
a connection very exclusive
once and only for a lifetime.

alphabet song Poetry

A For Apple

A for apple
shout the children in a babble
jumping on the table.

Being a song
has been there for long
the alphabet song.

A for apple