peaceful Poertry

The Fish

The fish does not sleep
could that be true?
I sit there and peep
into the waters blue
see them swim through
never could find them in sleep.

Why is it so? I keep thinking
how could any living being
survive the days without sleeping
it is but the way the fish live
close not their eyes in a dive
a strange behaviour hard to believe.

The fish is known to be peaceful
its eyes blink through the days in full
its movements are lively and gleeful
nice to watch its swim all through
right in the oceanic



The hundred-year-old man
celebrates his birthday
so does a one-year-old baby
cuts the cake for his birthday
both do it with a help obvious
one being too old to hold the knife
the other being too little to hold the knife
the fear being the same in both
an injury would be the cause of a tremor
all the same it could be of a playful handle
yet they celebrate for the cause of others
the hundred-year-old for the sake of his progeny
the one year for the wish of his parents
not so for their own in both
as one has lost his memory years back
the other has not built his memory till now.100 year old Maurice Sowter, Camborne 5