friction Poetry

The Tremble In The Tibetan Plateeau

The earth once again trembles
the Tibetan plateau now fumbles
the quake is powerful
shatters the equanimity to a doleful
the cries and shouts pierce the ears
buildings big and small crash causing a fear
death looms large all around
the hurt murmur with a sound
heart rending to see the turmoil
the uproots expose the soil
there are big trenches in between
the quake makes one all but too keen
a fear mounts up in a steady motion
thousands die as the plateau remains frozen.TibetanPlateauTectonics


Some’s And Any’s

Any’s in many’s
the some’s and no’s
add as suffixes to so many
be them the things in general
the where’s in related
the ways in a specific
the ever’s in all
a helpful format
a timely prompt
for us to take and throw
an easiest way to wrap up
a nicest method to elaborate
a helpful term to extend
a take to go round and round. some's and any's


Quake In Kathmandu

Every day breaks with a news
that be of any use
days ago it was a storm
a day ago it was another form
being an earthquake in Kathmandu.

The rains and winds in Sydney
paralysed life being windy
raged violently for three days at the most
loss of lives being minimal almost.

The quake yesterday in Nepal
devasted life to a fall
existed for a moment although
enough to commit a collapse in the go.

Disasters all around the earth
occur so soon in a dearth
science and technology stand silent
unable to cope with the violent.