The Sensory Organs.

The eyes glow
the nose blows
the eyes shed tears
that be in the form of water
the nose leaks
that be in the mode of water
the eyes flutter in a speed
the nose sneezes with a velocity
both keep on their schedule
the eyes catch a glimpse
the nose smells an aroma
the eyes have sights long and short
the nose gets loaded with cold
there be a motion altogether
the sensory organs nose and eyes together
boss over the rest with an authority
the tongue, ears and skin follow meekly behind
while the brain watches the five with glee
as all look up to its instructions with a plea.5 sensory organs


To Beat The Thirst.

Tailored to the need
clipped to the feed
stretched to the seed
ready made in all blends
a welcome trend
should see a glorious send
yet it did not take off
as there was a break-off
made each one to scoff
envisaged a smooth embark
but it slipped from the track
gottailoredstranded in the midst
unable to beat the thirst.

darkness Poem

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Am I afraid of the dark?
never, quoth I with pride
dark is a bliss
when one can hear a hiss
it preempts a fear
never so to me dear.

The scary darkness as all say
is one not of gay
I relish in its silence
revel in its dissonance
darkness has its own glory
yet all condemn it with fury.

I lie in the darkness
with memories of past
one by one they go on a show
the long back comes in very slow
the lessons I learn
checks me with a discern.

sleep and darkness go well
they complement one another
as darkness sets in
the eyelids close in
slumber overwhelms to a death status
the conscious turns dormant in phases.

Theft and murder happen in darkness
a common belief all so ever
darkness hides the wrongdoer
never do I vouchsafe for this terror
evils take place in broad daylight
the men pass without casting a sight.

I am an advocate of darkness
I deny its allegiance to illicit
I admire its loveliness
the black sky renders a greatness
I might be a quixotic being to you
yet to me the darkness is best to view.

Darkness relates to many attributions
it being a benefactor to most
lovers huddle together in proximity
darkness gives them the wanted privacy
the child nudges and cuddles on to the mother
the birds nestle close under their feathers.

To be in the dark, an idiomatic expression
illustrates the ignorance in a strength
little does it know that darkness illumines
dark is an associate of calmness determines
an incongruity and a paradox ruminate
the explicitness is in the real frame
darkness puts radiance to a shame.

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