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A Piece Of My Mind-Excitement -Morsel-2

Thud ,thud ,sounds the thunder.

Excitement makes you crazy, pushes you to  the extreme, lulls you to hypersensitivity and marshals you to incandescence. This virtuoso is dramatic in promise,  vivacious in speech,ineffectual in approach and erratic in action.

As a child ,I got excited ,when I went to the beach fronts.The white sand, the blue ocean ,the tides ebbing over and receding down, professed a charming expression. Children  used to play in the sand, dig wells and to their delight,, water gushed out, . In their excitement,  they moved a little beyond, engaged themselves in digging again. They rushed to the previous spot, and found out to their dismay that water had dried up. They also indulged in another sport.After heaping sand over their feet, they slowly pulled their feet out, to find a small mud hut with an entrance. They jumped in joy and promised to return the next day. The day after  proved a disappointment to them as their mud houses have fallen prey to the high tides.

The economy, so to say, is a part of this child like excitement,at present.The stocks shoot up in the morning, and the winning streak is there for a few hours , then it depletes. The  index builds up, edges slowly higher, and oscillates thus for a few days, then thud , it falls down. The fluctuations lead us to invest , to wait for a hike in percentage , and an unexpected bonanza that may land suddenly and take us out of the blue. This feverish tendency compels us to be in tenterhooks, always watchful and market based. The aggressive impulsion palpitates our rhythm and renders harm to the biological system and mental make up.

A practical advance in these impractical situations, is categorically  a significant catch. A less strain ,a minimal interest and a fraction of withdrawal from the fret zone will harbour us from failure and defeat, from morbidity and dereliction,and from taunt and scorn.

Excitement robs wealth.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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