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The Benign Torch

A little more thought,

To fellow human,

will render peace.

A little more kindness

To close relations,

will   send  waves.

A little more awareness,

To toxic  surroundings

Will signal safety.

A little  more consideration,

To  wreathing  pain.

Will  usher comfort. 

A little more feeling,

To  real poverty,

Will  deliver joy.

A little more effort,

To wipe slander

Will supply  vigour.

A little  more amity,

To  the sinners,

Will shower grace.

A  little more enthusiasm,

To the desperate,

Will circulate happiness.

A little more mercy ,

To all mortals,

Will  resurrect glory.

A load of blessings,

A hoard of benevolence,

Unto you -benign torch.

reverberation subscriptions thoughts

A Kindly Beacon.

Extend love,

To the needy,

To the infirm,

To the poor.

Elaborate love,

To the children,

To the deranged,

To the deformed.

Eliminate hate,

From the mind,

From the heart,

From the deadly orbit.

Eradicate vengeance.,

From the action,

From the scene,

From the spiteful entity,

Envelope the world

Entire with love,

Engulf the people

Fully with cheer

Enrapture the soul

wholly with grace.

Endow the spirit

Totally with compassion.

Therein lies,

The essence of life,

Therein  flows,

The fine esteem of  love.

It is extraordinary,

A  godly sound  of flash,

It is exemplary,

A kindly beacon of light