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A Piece Of My Mind -Greed-Morsel-3

Lub dub, lub dub beats the heart.

Greed is the most foul quest. Telling lies, cheating, being treacherous, being venomous,are all qualities that need to be uprooted from the mind. But greed  is the extreme vibrant virus that should be totally shunned.

Greed overwhelms the thinking faculty, overpowers the analytical perception, corrupts the mind and shoots up to bring utter disaster and chaos.

It is found in the micro and macro levels . It is depicted in fables and elucidated in novels, described in poems and focused in moral  lessons.

A famous illustration of greed is  the story of  Midas.His is a typical example of greed for gold. His lust for gold has a stunning effect on the readers. His wish that everything  he touches should transform into gold  , may sound a little extraordinary and very much exaggerated . But , it is a stiff and erect prediction of the negative impact of greed.

The economy has downturned , not because of any policy .It is greed which has given a callous blow  to it and a striking reference to the  gloom.

Wanting more, amassing extra, hoarding enormous, and scouting for largesse has led to a recession unpredicted. Aspiration and ambition have to be encouraged. But over dose of this ethics will spell destruction and spit venom.

The best way to switch off these viral infection is to work in the proclaimed path of righteousness and provincial authenticity.

Greed erodes wealth.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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