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A Piece Of My Mind-Fear-Morsel -4

Wooh, wooh blows the storm.

Living with fear is  a perennial drawback . Fear ,holds us from performing, pulls us from perseverance, and paralyses our idealistic approach. We  become a bag of flesh and bones , reacting to nothing and restraining from any progress.

Fear clogs our mind . It blocks our mental agility . It concurs on basic programming of undesirable reformation and undermining registeration .

This psychological cohesive factor blurs our vision to visualise the dream of promotion and prosperity. Fear , in children , may have no reason. Fear of darkness, fear of being alone and fear of fire , fear of water and fear of harsh sarcasm are common among children. This abstract feeling will diffuse as the child attains maturity,.

The adult has a different kind of apprehension altogether. The preparation for exams takes the prime spot. The  results ,steal the limelight. Still, as years progress, we develop a strange insecurity.

This tossing reverie afflicts  the business fluctuations,  irradical  fluidity in the stock market ,and hard tampering in the housing mortgage An eerie of dilemma  encircles the economy as though we are in a world of maze, in an environment of demystifying cloud  and in a disheartening jowl of dismay.

The unmindful investment , and the capricious outlook of the senior executives, and the slanderous impact of Madoffs and Stanford ,have unscruplously knitted a network of fear and withdrawal, restlessness and recurrence, dimness and black out.The people , world over , look panic stricken, and exasperated. The are at a loss to come out of this peril. They fear to throw their  tremble  and  shudder to put up a brave face .to witness  ups and downs, brakes and breakers, cutoffs and cut downs, and perks and infringement.

Fear gobbles wealth.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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