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Greatly Done.

It is a greeting

early in the morning

coming with a singing

with a voice ringing

giving  out in spacing

that of great welcoming

iwelcomean invitation to gracing

well that is encouraging

very truly loving

and greatly endearing.


The Gradience

Refinement in behaviour is felt

dynamism in attitude is seen

ease in interaction is expressed

clarity in diction is pronounced

grace in speech is found

wealth in store is known

not in the excess  of money

but in the largess of heart.

grace in speech




The Girl Graceful

With a facial done  minutely 

touching the eye brows  carefully

straightening the hair neatly

adding colour to the cheeks daintily

applying lipstick on  the lips colourfully

lifting the face with a foundation firmly

doing up with a moisturizer  simply

she looked bright and cheerful

clad in a pretty attire  wonderfl

a combination of pastel colours in full

pink, yellow and light green  in tone

she was a cynosure all eyes well borne

as the slight toning added  grace  as shown

even without it she would be perfect

as she be a beauty with keen features intact

sharp and aquiline

chiselled and Roman

expressing exuberance and  poise  adequate

both in behaviour and etiquette

solemn in outlook  always

wise in approach  all days

elegant in movement

one could go on  in a denouement

elaborating her personality in detail

but as everything need to end  with a deal

there be an end to description in style

as it would be superior  and nice

if one sees her Raja-Ravi-Vermas-Painting with his  own eyes.





Joie De Vivre

The joy of living
has been with all
it was not a casting
but a real costing
having been exerting
having been spending
having been straining
having been extracting
taking efforts to bring joy
while joy lies within you
within your heart
nowhere to seek
but without a penny
could bring happiness
all around you by
extending cordiality
soliciting friendship
endearing a grace
showing a poise
while a smile sweet
would bring a lot of treat
and a multitude of greets
as joy is in you.joie de vivre

Living long.

homepict2aLiving long is a bane
cries an old man in pain
suffering from loneliness
succumbing to fretfulness

Living long is fun
says an old woman with a pun
laughing heartily with cheer
ignoring the care of the dear..

Living long is neither bane
nor fun says the one who is sane.
with an intention to live wholly
and go through the span enduringly.

Perceptions differ from one to one.
one could afford a pretty run
the other sets a dispassion
yet another accepts in fashion.

It is all in the mind
good or bad and kind
emanates from within
manoeuvering a fill in

Living with the world
keeping up the pace in words.
Catching up with the tide
offers a graceful side.

Embodiment Of grace.

A beautiful little bird
Hlittle birdopping on the grass
singing merrily
dancing happily
spent her time long
on the well-kept grass
worried about nothing
thinking not of past
looking at none in front
hearing no other talk in the back
appeared in perfect dazzle
Had no castle overhead
had no paintings or pictures
hanging on walls of her nest
Oh! she needs none
Castle, paintings or pictures
as she herself is an embodiment
a combination of all things good and great.