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U.S. -Double Faced.

The fraility and the frigidity of  United States Of America , are well exposed in their stand towards Sri Lanka and Afghanistan,the most troubled centres in Asia.It holds a restraint and speaks out on moral grounds on the casualties of human lives. But tends an apology on the air strikes in Afghanistan , killing hundreds of innocent children, men and women.

Why this double standard?The Afghan government is well equipped , has well trained army ,and has an evasive knowledge of the internal crisis. It can well take care of itself , without the western interference.The Afghan President , Hamid Karzai, got the recognition without the western opprobrium.  

Obama should evolve an exit strategy from Afghanistan.Air strikes ,warfare and in fights are not the solution for the elimination of Taliban.Afghanistan, is a conglomerate of tribal. Negotiating , is the best principle  to wade off terrorism. The Taliban , are estranged from society, have taken a deviated digression from normalcy, have taken up cudgels against innocence, in their claim for supremacy. A patient approach, an attentive hearing, and a slight lenience will bring about the much awaited peace and goodwill.

U. S should hasten to pack its bags from Afghan and maintain a diplomatic ,ethical ,non interfering attitude .This will definitely improve the scenario and restore normalcy.