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A Full Circle.

“Age cannot wither her,

Nor customs stale her infinite variety.” Says Marlowe Of  Helen of troy.

Altering it slightly, we can write about Karunanidhi.

Age cannot deter him,

Nor customs stale his infinite variety.

I have changed two  words  of Marlowe, wither and her,  which   speaks volumes of the aging leader.He has calculated and manipulated, worked and reworked, thought and practised, heeded and yielded, wielded and withdrew, shouted and patted,  aroused and subdued , to find a way out. He did find a way , in every angle, in every sleeve and in every frame.

His political career has lent him a platform to express his histrionics. The cine dialogue writer , was identified as a potential spokesperson byb Annadurai , founder of DMK,The power of eloquence, the gruff modulation , and his rhetorical language gave him a complimentary passage into the world of politics. His fiery speech rose the audience spirit, his tone tickled the listener , his voice attracted the party men. His mentor’s untimely death brought him to the fore.He assumed the Chief Minister ship Of Tamilnadu. His tryst with destiny , started with much aplomb. There was no looking back from thence, except for a pathetic showdown , he suffered in the hands of M. G.Ramachandran . The tenure of MGR, was a difficult phase, and  the setback he experienced when he lost the election ,while Jeyalalitha became the head of Tamilnadu , was a bitter pill to swallow. The defeats moulded him into a much more experienced politician, and a great savant of politics.

Karunanidhi, in his wrong side of eighties , has worked miracles. He is the longest Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. He is now the political supremo, dictating terms to Manmohan singh. His likes and dislikes are exhibited in the choice of ministers. He is the best benefactor ,not of the people but of the family.

Having made his son Alagiri , as a cabinet Minister in Central government, he has made his younger son Stalin as Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.He has completed a full circle , without any scratch or blemish, dent or bruise.Karunanidhi has won the race. His triumph is perfect . His success is hundred percent. His distinctive perception and his brimming confidence , has contributed to an unbelievable   wealth , extraordinary   power , indefatigable eminence .