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Kick Start The Economy.

Motor cycles used the mechanism of kick start. The pushing of the ratchet lever with one’s foot was a startling and tiring experience. The rider ,many a time engaged in giving several kicks before the engine started off with a roar. It was an enjoyable pastime for me, when I saw my siblings do it with ardent  fervour and defined attention. The missing trail ,sometimes accrued in tens and twenties. Then mostly on the twentyfirst stroke they hummed , then grunted , finally thundered ,as they gained momentum.

The economy which was in the lowest ebb a few months back is meandering into a modest step out. The rummaging of the archives of the past , the lessons from the previous epochs of depression, and the splashing anecdotes which punctuated the era once in twenty years , that of outsourcing revolution of 1990’s .The decade of 1960’s was one of affluence. Automobiles,chemicals, aerospace and housing worked out the prosperity of this period.The oil producing countries experienced a rapid growth in economy. Japan found its economy booming. U.K and U.S had encountered a stagflation The third world countries which adopted the green revolution made a steady progress.Corporate raiders developed new ways of taking over companies, by issuing inflated stocks and developed other schemes that led to crackdowns This was the predominance of 1980’s , when large banks crashed, because they increased  interest rates ,which led to the default of the borrowers.

1990’s was  a period of prosperity,marked by low inflation and low unemployment.The next ten years  saw a dramatic turn of events.There was a faint resemblance of recession,but not of much a distinctive promotion.

Now, the immediate decade,had a beating and the slump was so severe  that the global whirlpool has devoured the fruits of the  economy and rendered it hapless .

The alternative to outsourcing is the green house gas emission . This new technology will pave the way to a glorious epoch of progress and stabilty.