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A Sadist In The Making.

Enjoying cruelty is a pleasure to many. Imposing impossible targets is a rutheless game practised by many. Withholding rightful share , is a delinquent practise by many. Piling up scorching mockery is a favourite pastime for many. Spitting out venom is a enamouring sport for many. Hitting with sharp taunts is a best formula for many. Making others sad , is an active fun for many.

What to call these wicked  entities? How to address these irreverential code of conduct?  Where to encircle these ignominous individuals?Why they do such atrocious  renditions?How to constrain these incorrigible advents?

The sadistic outcome and  emergence of spontaneous taunting trend  make the normal existence a gullible discipline. The eventualities ,of these callous emulation  are awesome and ferful.The targets of these offensive bouts, become a breakdown patients. The rebuff collapses their physical fortitude. The mental stoicism slips to the oblivion. The financial progression is nullifed.

The machieavillain revels in mirth, seeing his kith wallowing in penury. He makes merry ,while his kin meanders in slander . he jokes ,at the expense of close relatives plight. He indulges in lavish spending ,while his siblings count their necessities. He rides high , while his friend toils hard. His incandescent jottings strangle the near ones defense. His arrogance quell the humility of the beloved. His terminal disposition deranges the tranquil mind. His splendid deference slaughters the solemn serenity.

The  ungrateful emolument of sadism should be eschewed . The disgraceful impression of cruelty should be dismissed from  society. The torrid torment and the sordid reminiscence are to be taken up as a cause of vital involvement, by setting up a counselling tribunal ,thus enabling a trigger to erase the resounding frenzy and embellish a circulation of contentment and comfort.

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DMK dissatisfied.

The DMK , a regional party from Tamilnadu , has won 18 seats in thee Lok  sabha elections. The party is demanding 9 ministerial berths. A very high bargain. Half of its MP’s would be occupying the cabinet levels. The issue was the headlines of the National newspapers

What a cheeky ambition! What a tall claim!

The congress , had a long parley with the DMK squad, and finally accepted to give 7 allotments. Half heartedly , the DMK big wigs agreed. Then after deliberation with top leaders, the congress came out with a minor alteration, that of 6 .The DMK refused to accept the new agenda. The parleys worked out a failure . The DMK tracked back to Chennai.

The disposition of this regional party does not have a pleasant significance. There should be a limit to everything. There should be a reason for demand. There should be a rhyme for bargaining.

Rationality escapes man’s mental stature when it is convened by power. The addiction for power, and money is so overwhelming, that the analytical faculty gets effaced.  Taking a right abou turn on such issues , makes them a laughing stock,questions their intentions and rummages their credibility.To seek a natinal accredition , the party has to give out a reasonable inclination. Geting into central politics would sharpen their image and they can perform  in the mainstream , thus enhancing their image and glory. They could also strenghten their party by and improve their State’s infrastructure,and provide promising projects to Tamilnadu, so that the economy of the state would augument, the finances would shoot up, and the fcilities would have a run.

Ignoring these advantages, the Party has withdrawn from joining the government. The petty thought prevails over the idealitic theory. It is the narrow theme of party that  obsoletes the broader perception of the nation. It is the conceited liking for money that has overshadowed the welfare of the people , who have elected them.

It is a collossal loss to the  electorate  and to the nation. A grim smugly air of disappointment prevails