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Indian Elections – A Fantastic Slide Show.

The election to the Indian  Parliament  is over. The campaigning was not attractive. The policies put forward by various parties lack veracity. The candidates have no pronounced capacity.On   the whole ,it appears as though the people have lost interest in governance.

A  Tamil saying goes thus , Raman andal enna ,Ravanan andal enna? Interpreting , iis easy. Whoever governs does not matter? , whether it be a Raman, the incarnation of God or a Ravana, the embodiment of destruction.

The governance of this ancient  nation is a wonderful parody. is a deliberate paradox, and a progressive mockery. The politicians, are a set of individuals , focused on amassing wealth and hoarding money. To get a ratification from a government authority , you have to pay the stipulated fee ,plus some extras to the passing officer. To get a plan approved , you have to wait longer, if you go through the proper channel, but get immediate attention, if you pass on some extras to the concerned officials. To raise  a loan in  public sector banks ,  you have to spend a percentage , to get it done. To get electrical connection to your house, you have to shell out  a few extras to the electrical engineer. To get approval regarding water supply , you have to push little extras to the sanctionig officer. To make use of your Provident fund accruals, you have to ensure liberal extras to the passing authority. To enhance your school ‘s teaching faculty, you should assure the education department of an handsome  extra. .

Considering the policies of the government, a sheltered batch , has taken the reigns. Before passing any regulation, this coterie , endorses the proposal . If the select elite reject  the proposition  goes down the drain. The coalition parties , make things worse , by meddling into each and every interlude. The cabinet , is at the mercy of the rich and the linked parties.

Governance is a word that exists in terms.  There is no rule whatsoever, no progress howsoever, no discipline wheresoever. The largest democracy is undergoing a painful stress. We anticipate , that there would be no absolute majority to any party. A distressed designate  has to wear the crown of democracy, which would be adorned with thorny , rugged stuff.