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Today -A Drab

Today is certainly a gruelling concurrence. The heat is pompous. The events  lack lustre , look very ordinary and modest.The fugitive inclination is dominating my steadfast grapple of life. The intuition to flee , the thought to disappear , the intention to be elusive are directing me to a site uninhabited. I long to move asunder. I drive to take an asylum in a quiet resort.

Similar feelings seem to come on and off. I dispel it with my usual cheer and bubbling enthusiasm. But today , I wish to relinquish all my responsibilities, shirk all my ties ,disentangle from relevant performance, and pause a little before hastening to a retreat.

The murky feeling, the subdued animation, the subjected composition, and the feverish extractions compel me to take refuge in a hilly enclave away from the delirious  circumspection.

Will I cover up this expedition? Will I be able to slowly fade away from the world of pretensions?Will I  reach the winning pole?Will I swirl down and fall?

The articulate mind is exploring multifarious avenues. The ineffective body is deploring many  anticipatory eventualities. The struggle for harmony is dis quietening the spirit. The reciprocates of  expected sequence is absolutely nil. The resistance to maintain tranquility is  effusive .

The percolating drab is munching the artistically built up architecture.It is shredding the finest effervescence. It is distorting the cohesive bondage. It is dissipating the modules of  measurement. It decries  the wrenched references. The settlement is in the anvil. I know not whether , it is for the good or bad.